WDSF international Open standard adult

WDSF international Open latin adult

WDSF risisngstar standard adult

WDSF risingstar latin adult

WDSF Open youth standard

WDSF Open youth latin

Open senior 1,2,3 standard

Open senior 1,2,3 latin

Open junior 1 standard 

Open junior 1 latin

Open junior 2 standard

Open junior 2 latin

Open U21 standard

Open U21 latin


18 September 2021


KISTELEK – Sports Hall, Kossuth u. 5, 6760


Pro-art Elit Táncakadémia


9 WDSF judges, 9 different countries

Entry Fee

50 EUR/couple for each WDSF International Open category
35 EUR/couple for the first WDSF Open category, each further category 25 EUR/couple/day

Dance floor dimensions


20 x 30 m

Intitled to participate


Members of the national WDSF member bodies with WDSF ID-cards

Deadline to registration


16th of September